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BYU-Idaho Campus Students

Aid Available

University Grants include the BYU-Idaho Grant, the Internship Grant, and the Talent Grant. The BYU-Idaho Grant is the main university grant available to all Campus students. In order to be considered for the BYU-Idaho Grant, you must submit your grant application and corresponding FAFSA by March 1 each year. 

Federal financial aid includes Pell GrantsDirect Student Loans, and Parent PLUS loans. The federal government gives these funds to enrolled students who meet the basic eligibility criteria. Federal financial aid is awarded after completion of the FAFSA and any other required verification documents found on the financial aid portal.

Additional aid opportunities for qualified students include non-BYU-Idaho scholarships through Scholarship UniverseVeteran BenefitsBureau of Indian AffairsIdaho State Aid, Private Loans, and Tuition Waivers. These Private aid options each have their own applications, requirements, and deadlines.

Eligibility and Awarding Requirements

You may be selected to provide additional documentation verifying the accuracy of the information provided on your FAFSA. This process is referred to as Verification. If verification documents are required, they will appear on your financial aid portal under Required Documents.

You will only receive federal financial aid for courses required for your declared Program. These courses are determined by Academic Advising and are referred to as program applicable. Use the Program Applicability Tool (PAT) to determine what courses are eligible.

If you want to accept your federal student loans, you must accept them directly through the financial aid portal. Be aware of important loan policies. The rest of your financial aid is automatically accepted on your behalf.

Federal and University deadlines are in place to ensure students are served in a timely manner. If you do not meet the priority deadlines, you may experience delays in your financial aid disbursements at the beginning of the semester. Also make sure you are enrolled in all your courses by the Financial Aid Determination Date (FADD).

To maintain federal financial aid eligibility, you must meet the following Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements: Maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA, complete at least 67% of all your classes, and complete your program/major within 150% of the total credits required by your declared program.

If you have an unusual living or financial circumstance, you may qualify to petition your circumstance to try and increase your federal aid eligibility. Contact Financial Aid for more information regarding your options.

If you recently got married, you could be eligible for additional aid if you meet certain criteria.

Policies Affecting Aid Eligibility

If you are considering adding or dropping classes, be aware that your financial aid may be affected. See the Add/Drop Policy or contact Financial Aid for more information.
If you are considering deferring enrollment for any reason, your financial aid may be affected, including past semester student loans. You should contact Financial Aid before any deferments are approved.
You may only receive aid for a program applicable class one time after you have already received a passing grade (D- or higher) in the class.
If you completely withdraw from a semester after you have received your financial aid, you will likely owe funds back. When you withdraw, the Financial Aid office is required to complete a complex calculation to determine how much aid you are eligible to keep (and how much you may have to pay back). Your Participation in your courses counts towards how much aid you can keep.
Federal financial aid may be awarded for four remedial courses offered by the university:

  • ENG 106
  • ENG 109
  • MATH 100B
  • MATH 101

Distribution of Financial Aid

Federal and University aid typically disburses within the first week of the semester. Financial aid funds will automatically be applied to tuition charges and may be authorized to pay for other school charges on the student’s account. Students are encouraged to sign up for eRefund to receive any excess financial aid.