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Talent Scholarships

About Talent Scholarships

The Art, Dance, Journalism, Theater, and Music Departments on campus offer talent-based scholarships.


The application process is determined by each individual department. Please contact the individual departments for additional information.


  • No FAFSA is required.
  • Students must be admitted as a campus student.
  • Students must have less than 140 cumulative earned credits at the time of evaluation.
  • Must complete the required elements of the application process for the department.


Each department evaluates based on its own criteria for Talent Scholarships.


Awarding and selection is determined by each department individually. Please contact the individual departments for additional information.

BYU-Idaho Scholarships are awarded for Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters allowing for Flex Semester attendance.

  • Students who have earned 140 or more cumulative credits at the end of Fall Semester will no longer be eligible to receive a BYU-Idaho scholarship for future award years.
  • Award amounts are based on tuition costs for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Credits do NOT need to be program applicable. However, audited courses do not count.
  • Individual semester awards will be canceled for students enrolled in less than 6 credits on Full Semester FADD.
  • Awards will be prorated based on the number of credits a student enrolls in each semester. This award is subject to the Financial Aid Determination Date (FADD). If you add or drop classes before FADD the award will adjust to your new credit level.

2024-2025 Award Amounts

Credit Level Full Tuition Half Tuition Quarter Tuition
12+ $2,400 $1,200 $600
9-11 $1,800 $900 $450
6-8 $1,200 $600 $300
Below 6 No awards No awards No awards


To allow recipients the opportunity to benefit from additional financial support, these Full, Half, and Quarter tuition Scholarships will be stackable up to full LDS tuition with the following scholarships available from BYU-Idaho:

  • Merit Scholarship: A four-year award designed to recognize and reward exceptional high school academic achievement of incoming freshmen attending as campus students.
  • Academic Scholarship: Designed to recognize and reward the exceptional academic achievement of continuing BYU-Idaho and Transfer students attending as campus students.
  • The BYU-Idaho Scholarship: This need-based scholarship requires an application in addition to the coming year’s FAFSA to be completed by March 1.

The following scholarship can be stacked and awarded over full LDS tuition amounts.

  • Returned Missionary Scholarship: A one-time $500 scholarship for students who have returned from full-time missionary service since Jan. 1, 2023, and are enrolling in their first college experience since their mission. Awards will be automatically added. No application is necessary.*

Example: Your cumulative BYU-Idaho 3.92 GPA qualifies you for a half LDS tuition award. You also receive a full talent scholarship. The combination of these two awards may not exceed full LDS tuition so you will receive a full LDS tuition scholarship.