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FAFSA Verification


Verification is a process by which selected students must provide additional documentation to show that the information submitted on the FAFSA is accurate. The Financial Aid Office will compare the information on the requested documents to the student’s FAFSA and confirm the information is correct. BYU-Idaho is required by law to obtain this information from students selected by the Department of Education before Federal Aid can be awarded.

Selected for Verification

Approximately 3-5 business days after a FAFSA is submitted and received by BYU-Idaho, students may see needed documents in the Required Documents box on their financial aid student portal.

Tips for Completing Verification Documents:

  • Check the financial aid portal often for new or incomplete documents. Missing document emails will be sent regularly to your BYU-Idaho email address.
  • Thoroughly read the document instructions to ensure accuracy on all submitted documents. If corrections are necessary, further instruction will be provided by Financial Aid on the portal in the Required Documents box.
  • Many documents require physical signatures, in which case the document will need to be printed, hand-signed, and uploaded as a photo or a scan.
  • Meet the priority deadlines to ensure timely financial aid disbursements.

If the required documents are not received by the priority deadlines, the student’s federal financial aid may not be available by the tuition payment deadline. A late fee may be charged to the student’s account by Accounting Services. Eligible students will still receive federal aid awards later in the semester.

Verification Document Processing

The processing of verification documents may take up to 3-4 weeks after the last complete document has been uploaded and submitted.