You need to know:

What is a Program Applicable course?

Students will only receive federal financial aid for courses required for their declared Program.

A Program is a student's declared major in an eligible catalog year, along with all other required components (emphasis, minor, cluster).

If a major requires an emphasis, minor or cluster, courses filling those requirements will be eligible for federal aid.

If a major does not require an emphasis, minor, or cluster, courses taken to complete those components will not be eligible for federal aid unless they can fill elective requirements.

Students can view their enrolled program applicable courses by veiwing the Program Applicability Tool (PAT) on the Student tab of their myBYUI account.

Are you in the right Program?

Students must have their Program officially declared for the Spring 2020 semester before 11:59 pm MST on April 14, 2020.

The program on record at 11:59 pm MST on April 14, 2020, will determine which courses are program applicable for the entire semester.

A student can change their Program during the semester, but that new Program will not affect the disbursement of federal aid until the next semester.

Example: If a student's official Program on April 14, 2020, is Biology, then only courses required for Biology would be program applicable and receive federal financial aid for that semester. If the student changes their Program to English after this time, courses required for English would not be program applicable until the next semester, which could result in a loss of federal financial aid for the upcoming semester.

Why Program Applicability?

Pell Grants and federal student loans are funded by federal tax dollars for college students who complete the FAFSA and who have financial need. Federal regulations require that these funds are used only for courses that are required for graduation.

These federal requirements are designed to help students:

  • Stay focused on finishing their degree
  • Use tax dollars wisely
  • Graduate faster
  • Lower the cost of their overall education

Who does Program Applicability affect?

Please note that the program applicability requirements only apply to those students who are eligible to receive U.S. federal financial aid (Pell grant and/or federal student loans).