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Private Scholarships

Scholarship Universe

BYU-Idaho has partnered with Scholarship Universe to match you with private scholarships for FREE. Scholarship Universe properly vets the scholarships listed in addition to tailoring scholarship opportunities specifically for you based on the information listed in your profile. Use your BYU-Idaho login information to create your profile and begin matching.

Scholarship Universe

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Search and apply for non-BYUI scholarships as soon as possible -- many deadlines are early in the year. Each agency has their own application, requirements, and deadlines, and individual agencies should be contacted for more information.

Some additional resources to look into for outside scholarships may include the following:

  • High school counselors
  • Community or high school clubs
  • Local organizations and businesses (utility company, parent's employer, banks, etc.)
  • State or national scholarship programs
  • Ethnicity-based organizations
  • Scholarship search engines found below

The Department of Education has provided some basic guidelines and tips for students who are applying for scholarships, as well as information on how to avoid scams.

Questions regarding the awarding, disbursing, or notification of non-BYUI scholarships may be directed to

Hemming Foundation - Medical School Application Support Funds

The Hemming Foundation has provided funds to assist those students who are applying to allopathic (MD) medical schools. Funds are intended to help offset expenses associated with application fees and travel to and from medical school interviews. Funding amount varies and is determined after considering both the strength of an application and financial need. Click the link for additional information and application instructions.

Hemming Foundation Application (PDF)