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Federal Financial Aid Distribution

Federal financial aid disbursements are typically made only once at the beginning of the semester (or as soon as the student becomes eligible in the semester).

  • The only exception is AmeriCorps funds. Students will receive the first half of their AmeriCorps award at the beginning of the semester, and the second half of their award midway through the semester.

If all applications and required documents were submitted by the FAFSA priority deadlines, all aid will typically be posted to students’ financial accounts by the end of the first full week of the semester.

Students can still receive federal aid (if eligible) if their FAFSA and documents are submitted after the FAFSA priority deadlines—applying for federal aid after the priority deadline does not prevent students from receiving their federal awards. However, there is no guarantee the students’ aid will be available by the tuition late charge date. Students who apply or submit documents after the priority deadlines may be subject to late fees.

Disbursements may fluctuate as students add/drop credits up until the university’s Financial Aid Determination Date (FADD).

All financial aid is automatically applied to outstanding tuition and on-campus housing charges on students’ accounts. To allow for aid to pay for additional charges on students’ accounts, the Federal Financial Aid Authorization must be completed.

The quickest and safest way to receive remaining financial aid funds is eRefund (direct deposit). Students must enroll in eRefund to receive their funds through this method.