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Federal Financial Aid Authorization

By completing your Federal Financial Aid Authorization, you decide how your federal funds pay your charges. Federal law allows the University to use your federal aid funds to automatically pay for tuition, class fees, and room and board on campus. As a student, you may incur additional fees, for example, books, healthcare, health center charges, parking, etc. By selecting "Yes" on the Federal Financial Aid (Title IV) Authorization, you allow the University to automatically pay these additional charges for you. If you choose to not allow the University to pay these fees automatically, simply select "No" when completing your Federal Financial Aid (Title IV) Authorization.

Selecting "Yes" or "No" on the Federal Financial Aid Authorization

Selecting "Yes" Means:
All charges on your account will be auto-paid.
• Doing this can ease some of the burdens at the beginning of a semester.
• This option can be changed at any time.
Selecting "No" Means:
Only tuition and on-campus housing charges will be auto-paid.
• You will need to make sure you know what other charges are on your account and pay them on time.
• This option can be changed at any time.

How to Complete Your Federal Financial Aid Authorization

Log into your myBYUI account and click on the ‘Finances’ tab. Then select the ‘View My Account and Make Payments’ box in the middle of your screen.

A screenshot of labeled "Personal Account Summary" and has a section circled below that says "View My Account and Make Payments."

Scroll down to ‘Financial Aid Authorization’ and click the ‘modify’ button on the ‘Personal Accounts’ website.

A screenshot from of a Personal Accounts screen that lists Deposits and Unapplied Payments, Campus Accounts, Financial Aid Accounts, Campus Card Accounts, and Cash Accounts. In the bottom right-hand corner is a section circled that says Financial Aid Authorization with the action to Modify the Authorization.

Read the information in the new window, select ‘Yes,’ then click ‘Save Authorization.’

A screenshot from of a Federal Financial Aid Authorization that has a section at the bottom labeled Federal Financial Aid Authorization. It reads: "I authorize BYU-Idaho to use my excess federal financial aid funds to pay any outstanding, non-qualifying charges appearing on my student account from the time this authorization is submitted going forward. Non-qualifying charges can include health center, university store, textbooks, parking permits and fees, and other miscellaneous charges." Below the text is an option to choose Yes or No and then save the authorization.