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BYU-Idaho Scholarships
NEW We are excited to announce a new BYU-Idaho Returned Missionary scholarship starting Winter 2024 semester! See the details on the BYU-Idaho Returned Missionary Scholarship page.

The BYU-Idaho Scholarship application is open from October 1st – March 1st. All BYU-Idaho campus students can apply now!

The 2024-2025 FAFSA application has been updated with significant changes to make the process easier for students. The new application will open December 31st, 2023. More information is available on our FAFSA Simplification page.

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Aid Availability for On-campus and online students.

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BYU-Idaho Campus Students  

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PathwayConnect students do not qualify for U.S. federal financial aid or BYU-Idaho scholarships, as PathwayConnect is a pre-matriculation program. We encourage PathwayConnect students to search for private scholarships to gain the financial assistance they need. Once a student is admitted as a degree-seeking student, they can apply for federal financial aid. (A student must have previously earned a high school diploma or state equivalency, a state-approved home school diploma, or an associate degree that is received for full credit towards their bachelor's degree at BYU-Idaho to be eligible for federal aid).