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International Services

Information for new, prospective, and current international students who will attend BYU-Idaho.
Welcome to BYU-Idaho! Learn more about how to apply for admissions, what to do before you arrive, and how to begin an I-20 application.
Life in the United States and Rexburg, Idaho, might be different compared to life in your home country. Learn how to prepare to live in Rexburg and what to expect before you begin your studies.
Learn more about financial obligations, insurance, taxes, ITINs, and Social Security Numbers for international students at BYU-Idaho.
Learn more about visa status and what to do to change your status while attending BYU-Idaho as an international student.
Learn how BYU-Idaho international students can maintain their legal status in the United States while attending BYU-Idaho.
Register for classes, declare a major, use the I-Plan tool, and transfer schools as an international student at BYU-Idaho.
Employment information for international students attending the BYU-Idaho campus.
Safely enter, travel in, and depart the United States with proper documentation.
Learn more about international services and how to make your experience at BYU-Idaho more rewarding.