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Requirements for Part-Time Non-Degree Seeking Students

* If you have previously been denied to BYU-Idaho for not meeting academic requirements, you will not qualify for admission as a Non-Matriculating student until you can demonstrate that you have met the minimum academic requirement held for full-time status.

Maintaining Enrollment

Non-degree seeking students are required to enroll each semester (excluding Summer Session) with no break. If a student does not enroll in any courses in a semester while on Non-Matriculating status, their admission will be dropped and they will be required to reapply if they desire to come back to BYU-Idaho.

Required Application Materials

  •  Ecclesiastical Endorsement
  • $35 Application Fee (if applicant has never applied to Ricks College or BYU-Idaho.)

Financial Aid:

Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.

Deadlines and Processing:

There are no deadlines for non-degree seeking applicants. Admission decisions for non-degree seeking applicants are usually available within one week of submitting the application. Students interested in priority registration are encouraged to consider applying for full-time status. Please ensure all application materials are received in the Admissions office at least one week prior to the desired registration date.

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