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Requirements for Part-Time Non-Degree Seeking Students

For people wanting to take classes to enrich their lives, or to fulfill a Continuing Education requirement, BYU-Idaho offers the option to be a Part-Time Non-Degree Seeking Student, also referred to as a Non-Matriculating Student. The requirements and limitations to be a Non-Matriculating Student are listed below.

Please note, that if you have previously been denied to BYU-Idaho for not meeting academic requirements, you will not qualify for admission as a Non-Matriculating student until you can demonstrate that you have met the minimum academic requirement held for full-time status.

Who should be a Non-Degree-Seeking Student?

If you:

  • Have already earned a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Are interested in taking classes for personal enrichment (on campus or online)
  • Are working on pre-requisites for graduate school
  • Need to take a class or two toward a program application at another college/university…then Non-Degree-Seeking (also known as Non-Matriculating) enrollment might be a good fit for you! (If none of these descriptions fit you, we invite you to apply as a degree-seeking student either on-campus or online.) 

Enrollment Requirements/Parameters:

Non-Degree-Seeking students may be admitted with the following parameters:

  • Maximum of 9 credits per semesters
  • Not eligible for federal financial aid, student employment, BYU-Idaho single student housing, or campus activities
  • May take online courses, but not eligible for BYU Pathway Worldwide reduced tuition rates
  • Must enroll each semester (excluding Summer Session) in order to keep active enrollment. If a person needs to take a semester off, they must defer that semester by going to or by calling the admissions office at 208-496-1300

Required Application Materials:

  • Ecclesiastical Endorsement from bishop and stake presidency
  • $35 application fee (if applicant has never applied to Ricks College or BYU-Idaho)
  • In some cases, applicants may also be required to provide additional academic information, English proficiency test scores, etc. 


  • Please submit your application at least one week prior to the desired registration date; applications should be submitted 10 days prior to the beginning of classes at the latest. For more information go to the academic calendar.

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