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Non-Degree Seeking Student

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Requirements for Part-Time Non-Degree Seeking Students

For people wanting to take classes to enrich their lives, or to fulfill a Continuing Education requirement, BYU-Idaho offers the option to be a Part-Time Non-Degree Seeking Student, also referred to as a Non-Matriculating Student. The requirements and limitations to be a Non-Matriculating Student are listed below.

Please note, that if you have previously been denied to BYU-Idaho for not meeting academic requirements, you will not qualify for admission as a Non-Matriculating student until you can demonstrate that you have met the minimum academic requirement held for full-time status.

Who should be a Non-Degree-Seeking Student?

If none of these descriptions fit you, we invite you to apply as a degree-seeking student either on-campus or online.
Have already earned a Bachelor’s Degree.
Are interested in taking classes for personal enrichment (on campus or online).
Are working on prerequisites for graduate school.
Need to take a class or two toward a program application at another college/university (also known as Non-Matriculating).

Enrollment Requirements and Parameters

Non-Degree-Seeking students may be admitted with the following parameters:
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Enrollment Requirements and Parameters

Non-Degree-Seeking students may be admitted with the following parameters:
  • Maximum of 9 credits per semester
  • Not eligible for federal financial aid, student employment, BYU-Idaho single student housing, or campus activities
  • May take online courses, but not eligible for BYU Pathway Worldwide reduced tuition rates
  • Must enroll each semester (excluding Summer Session) in order to keep active enrollment. If a person needs to take a semester off, they must defer that semester by Visiting the Deferment Options Site or by calling the admissions office at 208-496-1411

Deferment Options

Required Application Materials

Ecclesiastical Endorsement from bishop and stake presidency.
In some cases, applicants may also be required to provide additional academic information, English proficiency test scores, etc. 
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Please submit your application at least one week prior to the desired registration date; applications should be submitted 10 days prior to the beginning of classes at the latest. For more information go to the academic calendar.

Start The Application Process

March 07, 2022 11:39 PM
Applications are open for all semesters.
March 08, 2022 12:01 PM