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Bachelor of Science
Communication: News/Journalism
News/Journalism trains reporters, editors, journalists, and content creators for modern careers in a fast-changing industry.
A News and Journalism student holds her notes as she smiles.
News and Journalism for the Modern World
BYU-Idaho provides students with real-world experience with journalism and news. Students get hands-on experience and build professional skills through the campus news organizations and courses. We teach writing, video, editing, multimedia journalism, and production skills necessary to land a solid entry-level job in various communication industries.

Students who graduate in communication with an emphasis in news/journalism get jobs in traditional and emerging news industries. They learn to be reporters and other non-fiction content creators. Many of our graduates also find employment in the emerging field of content marketing, creating non-fiction content for corporations or organizations.
"As a freshman, the Communication Department offered hit the ground running, hands-on experiences. Everything was an opportunity and portfolio builder, and it’s that kind of learning environment that’s allowed me to secure employment and forge my own path to success."

Highlighted Career Paths

Graduates with a degree in Communication, with an emphasis in News/Journalism, have a wide array of rewarding careers before them. Check out some of the top careers students get with this degree or explore more career options in I-Plan.
Broadcast Producer and Journalist
Broadcast producers and journalists work in television news, whether they are on camera or behind it. They help to run the news by finding stories, organizing show schedules, and more.
Content Marketer
Marketers work in the emerging field of content marketing, creating exciting and engaging non-fiction content for marketing purposes in corporations or organizations.
Editors alter content and give suggestions to writers in various fields, from books to websites to magazines and news operations.
Journalists work in traditional and emerging news publications creating content and doing news reporting in various fields, including work in different journalistic styles, including magazines and blogs, and including soft and hard news formats.
Professional Training
Many students with journalism degrees find law school or other advanced training a perfect step beyond their undergraduate degree because the writing and clarity required of journalists help develop skills necessary for law school or business school.

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