SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) is in place to encourage students to meet academic requirements in order to receive financial aid. SAP is in place to ensure students getting aid are passing classes and are considered to be "in good standing" to continue to receive financial aid.


  1. Pace (Completion Requirement) – You must have earned passing grades in at least 67% of all of the program applicable (PA) credits attempted (measured as credits earned ÷ credits attempted). Note: your transcript does not decipher between PA and non-PA credits therefore it is not an accurate representation of your pace.
  2. Grade Point Average Requirements – You must maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA which includes both PA and non-PA credits.
  3. Maximum Time Frame Limit (MTF) Requirements – You must be able to complete your program within 150% of the total credits required by your current program. Changing majors can have a significant impact on the maximum credits allowed for a degree program.

SAP Appeal

Students who are currently enrolled and failing to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements are suspended from receiving financial aid. If all requests/required SAP documents are not submitted during the appeal window, your financial aid for the semester will be permanently cancelled and you will be financially responsible for tuition and fees.

  1. Complete the SAP Appeal Request (found in the SAP Suspend email) within 7 days from receiving the email notification.
  2. You will receive an email with further instructions after your SAP Appeal Request has been reviewed.
  3. Check your student portal and BYUI email FREQUENTLY.

SAP Appeal Deadlines

  • SAP appeal request must be submitted online within 7 days of receiving the SAP suspend email.
  • SAP appeal document (will only be required if the SAP Appeal Request is accepted) must be submitted through your portal within 7 days from the date your SAP Appeal document was added to your portal.

SAP Status Notifications

Students not meeting SAP requirements will receive an email with their SAP status at the end of the term after final grades are posted.

Warning: may receive financial aid but MUST do well enough to meet cumulative SAP requirements or lose eligibility for future terms Suspended: will not receive financial aid but have the option to appeal. (see Appeal Process)

Check your student portal and BYUI email FREQUENTLY