What is Peer Mentoring?

Student Support Peer Mentoring is designed to help students succeed in every aspect of life. From one-on-one settings to small group workshops, students meet regularly with mentors to achieve their goals. You can request a mentor for yourself or refer someone who needs a mentor using the link below.

Financial Wellness

Learn to control your finances before they control you. A mentor will work with you to create a personalized budget, minimize expenses, manage debt, and create a small savings to get you through the semester.

Life Coach

A mentor works one-on-one with a student to assess their needs in each area of student life (academic, social, physical, mental, etc) and build an action plan of specific goals to help them overcome challenges and be successful. Mentors also help students identify and connect with appropriate campus resources.

Time Management

A mentor can assist you in learning skills that will help you live an effective life at BYU-Idaho and develop powerful patterns of success to reach your full potential.

Grit, Growth Mindset and The Grace of Jesus Christ

Learn how you can develop the skills that can take you from ordinary to legendary. Work with a mentor who will be your accountability partner in exploring the power of grit and growth mindset while incorporating the grace of Jesus Christ to help you attain your goals.

Get Involved!

Explore the events and activities campus has to offer. A mentor will help you connect with others and with activities that you enjoy.

Life Skills

Master basic skills everyone needs to survive their first time living away from home. From conquering homesickness to opening a bank account and lots of things in between. Skills Mentoring can help you learn skills and strategize a successful life.