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Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office assists students with unusual hardships, withdrawn ecclesiastical endorsements, and other services to promote student wellbeing and protect the integrity of BYU-Idaho.
Report a Concern

How We Can Help

Is a hardship causing you to miss classes? The Dean of Students Office is here to help.
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Many resources are available to students experiencing unusual hardships. If you have experienced the loss of a loved one, physical assault, mental illness, or anything that affects you negatively as a student, contact the Dean of Students Office. Together we can start finding a solution.

If you are dealing with an unexpected, extenuating circumstance that will keep you out of class or affect your performance for five or more consecutive days, the Dean of Students Office can provide notification to your instructors. Such circumstances may include (but are not limited to):

  • The death of a family member or close friend
  • An accident or another emergency
  • Hospitalization
  • Extended illness

Include a brief description of the situation and provide documentation (medical documentation, obituary, etc.). The documentation you provide will not be shared with your instructors.

The notification to your instructors will explain that you are experiencing compelling, non-academic circumstances beyond your control that might affect your academics. While the Dean of Students Office does not have the ability to excuse absences, they will request that your instructors work with you to complete missed coursework where appropriate.

Once the Dean of Students Office has notified your instructors, you are still encouraged to reach out to them to discuss how you can be successful in making up for time away from class.

If you only expect to miss a day or two of class, contact your instructors directly so they can make arrangements where appropriate.