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International Students

Two students on BYU-Idaho campus, outside the Manwaring center, smiling at the camera.

Request a Mentor Semester Financial Plan

Have questions about paying for college? Read through the introduction and experience to learn about basic financial planning principles for international students. Click on the button above to create your own financial plan. To learn more, sign up for a financial wellness mentor or attend our budgeting workshop listed in the calendar to the right sign.


Before you came to BYU-Idaho you were required to prove that you had sufficient funds to cover all of your expenses, which is typically done through a sponsor. While you can choose to sponsor yourself, usually a family member, friend or other acquaintance with the desire and financial means provides the necessary documentation. Whoever your sponsor is, he or she commits to providing a certain amount of financial assistance for a specific amount of time. You are responsible for finding your own sponsor and working together to determine how much they will assist. BYU-Idaho will not become your sponsor. If for any reason your sponsor can no longer support you, contact the International Services Department immediately.

Sometimes you may come across unforeseen expenses, such as a medical emergency. You should turn to the aid you received from your sponsor first and foremost. If you are in need of additional aid, BYU-Idaho has a number of financial resources that can be used to help international students with school expenses, but these are limited. The BYU-Idaho academic and general scholarships and on-campus employment opportunities are just a few examples of additional aid. You could also use the Semester Financial Plan (blue button) to budget your money for the semester. As you take responsibility for your finances, you will be able to more fully enjoy your time here at BYU-Idaho and experience greater peace in your life.


Click here to read about the sacrifices one international couple made to attend BYU-Idaho.

  • What did Daniel and his wife sacrifice in order to come to BYU-Idaho?
  • What resources did Daniel use to help pay for living and school?
  • What impressions do you have after reading this story? What can you do now to become more self-reliant?
We have continually felt the spirit as we seek to live principles of frugality, and take responsibility for our provident living.
Daniel Silva