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BYU-Idaho Returned Missionary Scholarship

BYU-Idaho is providing a new Returned Missionary (RM) Scholarship to invite missionaries to pursue a higher education with BYU-Idaho.


Beginning in winter 2024, recently returned missionaries may be eligible for a one-time $500 scholarship upon their first enrollment after their return. Key criteria for eligibility are as follows:

  • For campus-admitted students only
  • Students have one year from their mission return date to receive this scholarship.
  • Enrollment in at least one credit is necessary for the scholarship disbursement.
  • This scholarship is stackable and can exceed the maximum tuition requirement when combined with other BYUI scholarships. 
  • All missionaries (proselyting, humanitarian, or service) may receive this scholarship.
  • The length of the mission is not a determining factor of eligibility. 
  • This award is subject to the Financial Aid Determination Date (FADD). If you drop to zero credits before FADD, you will have to return the $500 scholarship award.

This scholarship will be automatically awarded to the financial aid portal upon enrollment in the first semester after missionary service. The scholarship will be disbursed to student accounts the first week of the semester and be applied first to tuition charges. Any remaining funds can be eRefunded directly to your bank account so be sure to sign up for e-Refund.

If you have questions, please reach out to the Financial Aid office.

Scenarios for Eligibility


  • A student returned from a mission in January 2023 and is commencing studies for the first time since returning in the winter of 2024.
  • A student enrolled in 2021 for the winter semester and earned 12 credits, returned from a mission in June 2023 and resumed studies for the first time since returning in the winter 2024 semester.
  • A student who has returned early from the mission for various reasons.


  • A returned missionary is currently enrolled in the fall 2023 semester and is also coming to the winter semester.
  • A student returned in January 2023 and enrolled in the spring 2023 semester, did not attend the fall 2023 semester, but is now resuming studies in the winter 2024 semester.

Financial Aid Assistance

Returned missionaries who do not meet the criteria for the RM Scholarship but are facing financial difficulties may contact the Financial Aid Office for help with other financial aid resources.