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Declare your Program (major and any required components) with the appropriate Advising Center.

Students must have their Program officially declared two weeks before the first day of the semester for financial aid purposes.

    • Changes to your program made after this time could result in a loss of federal financial aid for the upcoming semester.
    • If you have already officially declared your program, simply log into your my.byui.edu portal and click on the student tab. Your declared major and catalog year will be displayed in the academic summary box on the right.

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Refer to the catalog for your required courses. (www.byui.edu/catalog)

Make sure you look at your major in the correct catalog year.

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Create your grad plan. (www.byui.edu/gradplan)

Plan all required courses for your major, through graduation. Refer to the catalog if you have questions about any requirements.

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Determine when you are eligible to register at www.byui.edu/registration/prepare-to-register.

Go to your Student Tab and register for courses.

Federal Student Loans • You must register for at least six program applicable credits.

Pell Grants • You must register for 12 program applicable credits to receive your maximum eligibility.

BYU-Idaho Scholarships • You must register for at least 14 credits (program applicability is not required).

All substitution requests must be submitted by your department to the Student Records and Registration Office by the Add/Drop Deadline (7th day of the semester).

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Use the Program Applicability Tool (PAT)

After registration, you should use the Program Applicability Tool
(PAT) to confirm that your registered courses are eligible to be
considered for federal financial aid. You can access the PAT at

A green checkmark indicates program applicability.
A red circle indicates a course is not program applicable.

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