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Non-BYU-Idaho Aid

Scholarship Universe

BYU-Idaho has partnered with Scholarship Universe to match you with private scholarships for FREE. Scholarship Universe properly vets the scholarships listed in addition to tailoring scholarship opportunities specifically for you based on the information listed in your profile. Use your BYU-Idaho login information to create your profile and begin matching.

Scholarship Universe

Non-BYUI Scholarships

BYU-Idaho encourages all students to apply for non-BYUI scholarships. Answers to questions regarding a student's non-BYUI scholarships can be found on the One Stop information page.

State of Idaho Scholarships

The Idaho State Board of Education administers scholarships specifically tailored for Idaho high school graduates and other Idaho residents. These scholarships have different requirements and deadlines. BYU-Idaho does not match scholarships awarded by the state.

  • Idaho State Grants include:
    • Idaho Opportunity Scholarship
    • Adult Learner
    • Idaho Gear Up Grant
    • Post-Secondary Credit

Questions about your Idaho State Grant can be emailed to

Private Loans

Private loans are educational loans provided by banks, credit unions, and other lenders. BYU-Idaho encourages the use of federal student loans over private loans due to the typically higher interest rates and fees of privates loans. If you have already been approved for a private loan, please let our office know by completing the Certification Request Form.

Veteran Benefits

Veterans’ Education Benefits (VEB) are funds made available through the US Department of Veteran Affairs for students who are actively serving in the military, serving in the Reserves or National Guard, dependents of veterans, or dependents of disabled or deceased veterans.

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

BIA educational benefits are awards given to eligible students registered with a federally recognized tribe. Students who might fit these criteria should contact their tribe for more information.