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Looking for ways to give back? Read through the introduction and experience to learn more about the basic principles of giving back. The buttons above will help you find service opportunities both on and off campus. To learn more, sign up for a financial wellness mentor.


Giving back is an opportunity to share your knowledge, wealth, and talents with others, and stems from feelings of gratitude. All blessings that we enjoy today were made possible by those who came before us. Because we have been given so much, we have a responsibility to make similar blessings available to future generations. 

As a college student, time and money may be limited, but there are many ways to give back that require little of either. Sometimes you may need to get a little creative when thinking of ways to give back, but doing so will bless your life with joy and fulfillment.


Click here to read about a BYU-Idaho scholarship donor who chose to give back. 

  • What do you think contributed to Arta's desire to give back?
  • What blessings can come from obtaining a college degree?
  • What impressions about giving back do you have after reading this story?
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'We have all drunk from wells we did not dig and warmed ourselves by fires we did not build.’ Having drunk from BYU’s well, we have a lifelong opportunity and obligation for the continuing quality of that well.