Federal Aid Authorization

By completing your Federal Aid Authorization, you decide how your federal funds pay your charges. Federal law allows the University to use your federal aid funds to automatically pay for tuition, class fees, and room and board on campus. As a student you may incur additional fees, for example: bookstore, healthcare, health center charges, parking, etc. By selecting yes on the Federal Aid (Title IV) Authorization, you allow the University to automatically pay these additional charges for you. If you choose to not allow the University to pay these fees automatically, simply select No when completing your Federal Aid (Title IV) Authorization.

Which Selection Regarding Federal Aid is for You?


  1. Auto pay all charges on your account.
  2. Eases the burden of the beginning of the semester.
  3. Option can be changed at any time.


  1. Auto pay only tuition & on-campus housing.
  2. Places more responsibility on you at the beginning of the semester.
  3. Option can be changed at any time.

How to Complete Your Federal Aid Authorization:

Log into your my.byui account and click on the ‘Finances’ tab, then select the blue ‘2016-2017 Academic Year’ box at the bottom.

Screenshot of myBYUI Finances tab, with arrow pointing to the current academic year button

In the new window, click on the ‘Authorizations’ tab.

Screenshot of Financial Aid page, with arrow pointing to the Authorizations tab


Read the information under ‘My Authorizations,’ select one of the options given, then click ‘Save Changes.’

Screenshot of the Authorizations tab with arrow pointing to the authorization options


Log out of your Financial Aid Student Portal, close the browser window, then log out of your my.byui.account.

Still Have Questions?

Contact Accounting Services for more information or help at 208-496-1900 or bursar@byui.edu