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Training and Development

Professional development resources for all employees (including student employees). Email for specific requests.

Cultivate the Spirit of Ricks

We encourage you to learn more about the history of BYU-Idaho and help us preserve and enhance the unique “Spirit of Ricks.”

Spirit of Ricks

Training for Departments
Customer Service
Compliance (Legal)
Certified Courses
Human Relations
Customer Service
Compliance (Legal)
Certified Courses
Human Relations
Customer Service
Compliance (Legal)
Certified Courses
Human Relations


Leadership Training is offered by Human Resources. The purpose is to build leadership and interpersonal skills across campus. Leadership training is available for all full and part-time employees (including student employees).
August 29, 2022 11:50 AM
These guidelines supplant the annual "performance review" process.
August 11, 2022 07:11 PM
The Leadership Pattern training is specifically designed to help the Church workforce to develop Christlike leadership attitudes and behaviors.
August 10, 2022 04:31 PM
Learn about participating in and benefiting from councils. Includes downloadable PDFs filled with excerpts from Elder M. Russell Ballard's book Counseling with Our Councils, LDS talks, and other resources.
August 09, 2022 08:06 PM
BYU-Idaho encourages its employees and students to work towards growing as leaders through the gospel perspective. Student and faculty can find reliable resources in ways to develop as an effective leader.
November 02, 2022 03:41 PM
An outline of the main principles of the Church’s "People Management" program.
August 09, 2022 06:59 PM
Customer Service training helps teach employees how to best serve the community with basic principles of customer service including email and telephone etiquette.

Compliance Training

Information and training for employees regarding topics such as information privacy, sexual harassment, and Title IX. Compliance training generally deals with employment laws and university policies.
August 11, 2022 05:58 PM
Training for all employees in required upon expanded computer access within the 24 hours of access.Training includes information privacy laws and university policies.
August 15, 2022 06:25 PM
The Employment Law Training Series consists of monthly training on designated employment laws relevant to managers at BYU-Idaho.

Certified Courses (Fee Required)

Various training includes communication development, software training, and certified courses.

August 15, 2022 08:36 PM
Certification course for employees to develop the 7 Habits for Highly Effective People in Workday.
August 16, 2022 09:49 PM
This training is based on the book "The Speed of Trust" by Stephen M.R. Covey. Additional resources are provided below. For more information, contact BYU-Idaho Human Resources.
August 16, 2022 05:13 PM
A certified course for developing skills to communicate effectively with others. Crucial Conversations provides quotes, videos, and assessments to help elevate employee conversation skills.

Human Relations

August 18, 2022 11:00 PM
Take a personality, trait, and talent test to find your strengths as a leader.

Additional Resources

October 20, 2022 04:31 PM
Workday Learning is a new module that was just added to the Workday system at BYU-Idaho. Workday Learning is a training management system designed for workforce training. It is not an academic or classroom LMS; it is a product that is specifically designed for workplace training and development.
October 20, 2022 04:48 PM
Definition of OpenCourseWare = Free Online University Courses (generally, that now includes any free online training). OpenCourseWare is also commonly referred to as MOOC's — Massive Open Online Courses