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Hiring Employees

Resources and guidelines for hiring employees.

Hiring Instructions

  1. Position Approval
  2. Post Job: Work out details/timeline with Department
  3. Un-post Job: Request finalists from Department
  4. Preliminary Skype/phone interviews--narrow the candidates down to 3 finalists
  5. Obtain Pre-Interview Clearances
  6. Schedule interviews for final candidates
  7. Hold on-campus interviews
  8. Hold Department Decision Meeting
  9. Final Decision Meeting
  10. Send Final Clearance document
  11. After Board approval is obtained, offer will be extended to candidate and regrets to finalists
  12. Prepare contract and coordinate onboarding process
  1. Department identifies potential candidate
  2. Candidate fills out an application
  3. Background Check and Ecclesiastical Endorsement are completed by the Human Resources Department after the application is completed
  4. Candidate interviews with College Dean
  5. Department is notified to formally offer the position to the candidate
  6. Department inputs the course and load information in Workday
  7. Contract generated and information sent to payroll
  8. Candidate completes the necessary steps for onboarding in Workday
  1. Create a job requisition in Workday with all required fields, as well as the following: 
    • Justification
      • Explain if it is a new position, replace a leaving employee, or a repurposed FTE.
      • Provide the name of a leading candidate if applcable.
    • Job Description Summary
      • Job Description 
  2. Provide the breakdown of responsibilities as well as the education and work experience requirements.
  3. Once submitted, the job requisition routes through the required line management and Human Resources for approval.
  4. After Vice President approval, the requisition routes to the Recruiting Coordinator who submits the requisition for review during President's Council.
  5. Approved requisitions are communicated to Human Resources.
  6. Human Resources will coordinate the hiring process with the hiring manager.
  7. Human Resources completes a background check and an ecclesiastical endorsement for final candidates.
  8. Human Resources coordinates the final offer with the hiring manager.
  9. On or before the first day of work, the new employee must complete the Workday onboarding process, which includes bringing original forms of identification to the Human Resources office to complete the Form I-9.
  10. A new employee orientation will be scheduled, typically within the first week of employment.
Temporary employees can be employed for up to 14 weeks with line management approval. Longer periods of time require President's Council approval using the job requisition process in Workday. On-Call employees who work sporadically can be used on an ongoing basis with line management approval. If there is any job related training required (i.e. authorization to drive BYU-I vehicles, FERPA training, online training, etc.), wages must be paid for the time spent.

Student employees become ineligible for student employment at the end of the pay period in which they graduate. However, they may transition to a temporary employment status following the standards listed above. These situations should include consideration of the total number of hours worked by an individual because it is important that temporary employees do not exceed a maximum of 1,500 hours per year. The full policy regarding temporary employment can be found in the University Policies on the Human Resources webpages (2.2 L. Temporary Employment). 

  1. To request a temporary hire, a form in Workday will need to be filled out with all the needed information. To find the form:
    1. Sign into Workday
    2. In the Search bar, type “Create Request.”
    3. Select the top task titled “Create Request. 
    4. In the pop-up box, select the menu and choose “All”
    5. Select the option “Temporary Employee” then OK. 
    6. Fill in all the needed information in the form. 

      Request a Temporary Hire Form

  2. Human Resources will complete the administrative review process for the employee. (This is applicable to students who are transitioning to temporary employment.) The administrative review can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete. 
  3. Once completed, you will be notified and can then finalize a job offer (offers before this point are considered contingent only.)
  4. On or before the first day of work, the new employee must complete the Workday onboarding process, which includes bringing original forms of identification to the Human Resources office to complete the Form I-9 (if this paperwork is not complete, the individual cannot start working).
Interview Resources
Managers in the process of hiring can review the following documents for information about hiring laws, and helpful ideas for interview questions.
BYU-I Interview Guidelines
Behavior Based Interview Questions
Case Study Based Interview Questions
Value Based Interview Questions
Counseling With Our Councils