Free Online Training Material

Definition of OpenCourseWare = Free Online University Courses (generally, that now includes any free online training). OpenCourseWare is also commonly referred to as MOOC's — Massive Open Online Courses

Hint: Some OpenCourseWare sites contain a combination of free and fee-based courses. A good practice is to search a specific site for "free" or "open" courses. 

Note: Consider creating an "employee development plan" (in coordination with your manager) and furthering your professional skills using the following online resources. Employees may also utilize commonly-known learning sites that include online books, podcasts, or videos. Significant learning can be achieved by focusing on one or two topics and using various methods for "deep learning".

General List of Courses and Resources (Mostly Self-Paced)
Alison Sign up (Some courses are only a few hours of videos.)
BYU-Idaho Open Resources (Textbook Library) Explore the many textbook resources that BYU-Idaho has to offer.
BYU-Idaho Training and Development BYU-Idaho Training and Development site. Most resources are free.
Canvas Net Great courses. Fixed class schedule.
Coursera Choose self-paced courses or courses up to 10 weeks.
FranklinCovey—On Leadership Weekly interviews, tools, articles, and podcasts to help you become a better leader.
Master Class Instructional readings. Topic: Leadership Development.
Mind Tools Instructional readings and some videos. No sign up required.
TED Ed From the creators of TED Talks.
Udemy Sign up (Get access to several free courses.)
University Courses
Academic Earth Offers free online video courses and academic lectures from the world's top universities.
Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative from Carnegie Mellon University.
Class Central #1 search engine for free online university courses and MOOC's.
Duke Online OpenCourseWare from Duke University. 
EdX Choose courses from various universities (e.g., Harvard, Stanford, etc.)
MIT OpenCourseWare Free courses from MIT.
The Open University Sign in and go at your own pace.
Open Yale University Search by courses. Contains videos.
Stanford Online A few self-paced courses, but most are 1 week long or more.
YouTube Learning Channels
BluePoint Leadership Leadership development training videos.
Harvard Contains a variety of lectures and videos from classes.
Knowledge at Wharton University of Pennsylvania — Wharton School of Business.
Microsoft Office 365 MS Office training videos.
Stanford Graduate School of Business Business videos. 
TedTalks 15-20 minute informational videos.
YouTube Learning Home page for YouTube Learning.
Free eBooks
Google Books Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books.
Project Gutenberg A library of over 60,000 free eBooks.
SparkNotes More than 500 study guides.

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