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An overview of the many compensation benefits BYU-Idaho offers its employees.

About Your Compensation

When employees think of compensation, many think of a paycheck. However, compensation needs to be viewed more holistically. Below are some of the monetary elements of an employee's compensation:

Base Pay

Funds received each pay period in return for work that was performed (paycheck).

Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance Benefits

BYU-Idaho pays the majority of the employee's health insurance premiums. For example, an employee who is on the Deseret Value Family health plan pays $205.50 each month in premiums, while BYU-Idaho pays $1,978.14 each month on the employee's behalf.

401K and ROTH 401K

BYU-Idaho will match up to 4% of an employee's retirement contribution.


Each month, funds are set aside for qualifying employees to a pension fund account. Employees must have at least 5 years of benefit-eligible employment to be vested in this benefit.

Employee Discretionary Retirement Contribution

This is a predetermined percentage based on an employee’s hire date, which is put into a retirement account.


Other benefits that are not included in the data above, but have a significant financial impact on employees include:

1. Higher Education Assistance
2. Tuition waiver for Employees, Spouse, and Dependents
3. Cell Phone Plans
4. Use of Exercise Facilities
5. University Store Discounts
6. Campus Event Discounts
7. Paid Leaves (Holiday, Vacation, Sick, Maternal, Parental)

Your Compensation
To view the total value of your Total Compensation, you can do the following:

1. Sign in to
2. Click on the "My Plans" tab
3. Select the "Benefit Statement"
4. Review the "Estimated Gross Compensation"