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Workday Learning

Workday Learning is a new module that was just added to the Workday system at BYU-Idaho. Workday Learning is a training management system designed for workforce training. It is not an academic or classroom LMS; it is a product that is specifically designed for workplace training and development.

VIDEO: Introduction to Workday Learning

Note: If you do not see the "Learning" icon on your Workday homepage, follow the instructions on the attached video. ("How to Add a Worklet")

  • Workday Learning is fully integrated into BYU-Idaho's Workday system. 
  • Online training courses can be gathered in one central location.
  • The system can host third-party content (e.g., from YouTube or Skillsoft).
  • Employees can create content and have it loaded into the system.
  • Supervisors can assign existing training courses to their employees.
  • Supervisors can view completion reports for training they have assigned.
We currently have thousands of training courses loaded into the system. Content in the system currently comes from three different sources:
  1. Content we create.
  2. Content from 10 YouTube Learning Channels (e.g., Columbia University, University of Michigan, Wharton School of Business, MS Office 365, etc.)
  3. Content from Skillsoft Compliance (e.g., harassment, Title IX, FMLA, HIPAA, Workplace Safety, etc.)
Important: There is NO content creation software included in Workday Learning. You simply create training lessons in PowerPoint, Video (MP4), PDF, etc. Once you have created your content, you can work with Human Resources, and they will review it and upload it into the Workday Learning system.

Of note, when creating content, please remember the following:
  • Do not violate copyright laws. 
  • Utilize the university's branding tools to keep training content consistent with BYU-Idaho's branding standards.
  • File size for content is limited to 20 GB per file. And larger files take longer to upload.
Presentation Practice Center 
PowerPoint Templates for BYU-Idaho 
Faculty Technology Center  
AV and Broadcast Productions

Consider using Zoom, Kaltura, or Adobe Captivate for creating video training.

Questions or comments? Contact Patrick Powell (