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Rental Cars

Travel frequently involves the use of a car. Explore these available options for optimum service and price.

Options for Rental Car Use

Cars parked in the Taylor Parking Lot

  1. When your travel originates from Rexburg, you should begin with Fleet Services at extension 2561. When you return to campus, immediately return the car to the parking stall and place the documents and keys into the key box. Fleet Services will fill it up with gas before it is returned to the rental company, thus saving your department time and money.
  2. The Travel Office at extension 2340 is here to handle renting cars at your destination, or when your travel originates in other cities. They will search for the best prices using the market and established contracts that the Church has negotiated. National and Hertz have special offers to frequent car renters for additional services beyond our contracts. You can use the links below to connect directly to these companies for online applications. When using the links below, the application fee will be waived and insurance is pre-populated. Insurance is included if you make your reservation on I Travel and can decline additional insurance at the counter. Renting for personal use, the insurance is included with National, but not with Hertz.
  3. If you choose to not use Hertz or National inside the United States, you will need to purchase insurance. All National and Hertz rentals include full Loss Damage Waivers (LDW) and Liability Insurance of $100,000 each person, $300,000 each accident and $100,000 for property damage.For international bookings, you will need to purchase insurance.
For Travel originating in Rexburg, employees are encouraged to rent through campus Fleet Services, at extension 2561.

Contact Fleet Services for options that are available and instructions on that rental.
BYU-Idaho has made special arrangements for employees with National Car Rental for those who rent cars to sign up for the Emerald Club at no annual fee.

With National's Emerald Club, you go straight to the Emerald Aisle, into a fully-equipped car of your choice. Once you've selected the car you want, simply drive to the exit gate, show your Emerald Club card or credit card and driver's license and you're on your way. Express Vehicle Return Service is also available.

On the second page of the application, you will need to indicate that the fee is waived. Upon completion of your enrollment, don't forget to call the Travel Office with your club membership number. This will be kept with your Traveler Profile for use any time you rent a car from National.
Hertz Gold
Hertz Car Rental offers its customers the Hertz Gold program.

You can avoid the long lines at over 40 airports around the world. Your car will be waiting for you in a weather-protected Hertz Gold rental area. Just get in, show your driver's license at the gate, and drive off.

At over 1,000 locations, you can enjoy Gold counter service. Simply go directly to the specially designated Hertz Gold counter. Then present your license to the Hertz Representative. Take your keys and go.

Once enrolled, all you need to do is indicate your car preference, navigation and payment method. Your information is stored in the database. When you call 2 hours in advance, your paperwork will be waiting for you.

To enroll in the waived fee, click on the link above and it will take you to Hertz's site. On the left-hand side click on Hertz Gold Overview.' Then click on 'Join Now.' This will take you through the enrollment. Please decline all insurance; it is already included in our contract.