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Rental Car Contracts

Domestic Rental Car Contracts and Benefits

National/Enterprise and Hertz have benefits to those with memberships under the BYU-Idaho contracts. These memberships have no annual fee. Please click on the logos below to connect directly with these companies for their online membership applications to receive benefits under the BYU-Idaho contracts.

Important/Insurance: During enrollment and when you rent, decline any insurance as it already included in our contracts. If BYU-Idaho’s National/Enterprise and Hertz contracts are not available, full coverage insurance is required with your rental.

Reservations must be made on I Travel or through the Travel Office directly to insure the contracted insurance and benefits are included. Following your first rental you will be able to go directly to your car and avoid the lines at the counter at participating locations with National and Hertz.

Membership Numbers needs to be added to your I Travel profile. It can be done by following this link to I Travel link to profile or contact the Travel Office.

Fuel: It is highly recommended to not purchase the gas options and fill the rental prior its return.

Vehicle Rentals originating from Rexburg must be requested through Fleet Services.

Student Use National/Enterprise contract allows students traveling for business purposes to drive if they are at least 18 years old and have taken the Fleet Services Training.

At participating locations when a mid-size car is rented, go straight to the Emerald Aisle, select any car of your choice and proceed to the exit gate. Present your driver’s license and credit card and you're on your way. Employees may us the BYU-Idaho contract for their personal use. All benefit mentioned above would apply for only the employee.
During enrollment you will indicate your car preferences. At participating locations check the display and it will tell you what stall your car is parked in. Just get in, show your driver's license at the gate, and you’re on your way. Employees may us the BYU-Idaho contract for their personal use. Insurance would not be included for personal rentals.