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Changing or Editing a Spend Authorization

  1. Log Into Workday
    Click on the Expenses Application
  2. Choose View Spend Authorizations
    Choose the spend authorization you need to change or correct by clicking on the magnifying glass in the far left column, this will open the spend authorization.
  3. Select Actions Button
    Select the Actions button next to the Spend Authorization number in the blue bar at the top of the page.
  4. Choose Change or Edit under the spend authorization tab
    You are permitted to change or edit your Spend Authorization, but keep in mind that changing or editing the Spend Authorization will route the request back to cost center managers and/or supervisors for approval.
  5. Verify the questionnaire
    The previous answers for your questionnaire should be saved, so if you don’t need to make any changes to the questionnaire, you can just resubmit the questionnaire. However, if you do need to make the changes to the questionnaire, make necessary changes and submit. This will start the approval process again.
    Note: Travel Administration may be able to make some changes for you without routing the request back for approval. Call 208-496-1974
  6. Date Corrections
    If your Spend Authorization has already been approved, call Travel Administration and they will be able to change your dates without routing the request back through the approval process.  208-496-1974