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Fleet Vehicle Request

Step-by-step instructions to request, pick up, and return campus-owned fleet vehicles.

1. Request a fleet Vehicle

  • Fleet Vehicles are requested through a Workday Spend Authorization. (Spend Authorization Tutorial)
  • As you add an expense item for a fleet vehicle, you will be asked to provide additional information for your vehicle request. To request multiple vehicles, you will add an additional expense item for each vehicle. A valid driving permit and I-number is required for each vehicle reservation. 
  •  Once your Spend Authorization is approved, your request will route to Fleet Services. You will receive an email confirming your request and any reservation errors. 
  •  If/when your request is free of errors, you will receive an email stating that the request has been confirmed and a vehicle is Until you get this confirmation email, you will not have a vehicle. 
  • To make a change or verify reservations, you may go to the Vehicle Reservation webpage. Once the vehicle is assigned, you may still change the driver. Other changes or cancellations will need to be made through Fleet Services at 496-2561. 

2. Picking up the vehicle

  • The driver’s I-card will be required to pick up the fleet vehicle.  
  • Swipe the driver’s I-card on the key box, lift the latch, open the door, and remove the key that is lit up. 
  •  Take a Travel Sheet from the magazine rack located above the key box. Fill out the form as indicated.  
  • Near the bottom of the Travel Sheet is a Rental Vehicle Parking Permit. Please fill out the requested information and leave it visible on the dashboard of your personal vehicle. If campus security cannot see or read the permit, you will be ticketed. 

3. Returning the fleet vehicle

  • If you are assigned a car from Enterprise, please refuel. You will be charged more if Enterprise fills the vehicle.  Fleet Services will fuel all campus owned vehicles. 
  • Remove all personal items and trash from the vehicle. Please turn off all interior lights, as it drains the battery on the vehicle.
  • Fill out the Travel Sheet with the time in, date in, and mileage in and return the sheet to the dropbox in the Fleet Services foyer.
  • Swipe the driver’s I-card on the key box, lift up the latch, open the door, and return the lockbox key to the appropriate lit up slot. Please make sure the key is turned into the locked position in the lockbox.  

4. Reconciling

  • Fleet Vehicles will not need to be reconciled in Workday, as they will be a direct bill to the department.  
  • However, if fuel is purchased with a University credit card or personal credit card, an expense report will need to be completed. (Expense Report Tutorial)