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Parking at SLC Airport

Helpful tips and resources to park and enter the Salt Lake City International Airport.

The Parking Spot

TheParkingSpot offers lower pricing, faster service, and secure options when parking at the Salt Lake City Airport.

123 South 2400 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

  • 33% parking discount in Salt Lake City (for business and personal travel)
  • Mobile App for easy check-in/check-out, virtual payments, and shuttle tracking
  • Open 24/7 with 5-7-minute shuttle rotations
  • Trunk to Terminal service w/ luggage assistance
  • Complimentary Emergency Services
  • Car wash and detail for an additional fee (not reimbursable)

Click here and register for a Spot Club Exec account or download the mobile app and enter corporate code “BYU6012” during registration.

For the quickest way to enter/exit the facility:

*You will need to make your reservation ahead of time. You can do that on the app or on their website. You will need the QR scanner code to get through the gate. *

Upon your return wait outside door 6 or 11 for a shuttle. You can also track your shuttle on the App.

QR Code
Check-in/out with your Spot Club QR code, which is also tied to your reservation
Parking Spot App
Download "The Parking Spot" App (iOS or Android)
Add a credit card to your account