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Required Academic Day Trips Ongoing Throughout the Semester

One single Spend Authorization can be submitted for Required Academic Day trips that are ongoing throughout the semester. The purpose of this type of Spend Authorization is primarily for the rental of a Fleet Vehicle to be used for one required course for travel throughout the semester, to provide a list of students that will be participating in the travel, to gather the itinerary for times on the road, and to collect emergency contact information for the Trip Manager and Emergency First Responder.


Must be required academic day travel

Must follow a weekly schedule – cannot be various days during the semester.

Separate Spend Authorizations are required for each course

Trips must occur during scheduled class time.


  • Fill out a Spend Authorization
  • Put in dates for the entire semester or block. (For example: 9/16-12/18)
  • Provide a description (Example: RM 224B MW class)
  • Choose Student Day Travel
  • Enter Expenses by clicking the Add button.
  • Fleet Vehicle: Type Fleet in the Expense Item box and hit enter. Choose I:Travel-Student Fleet Vehicle. To request multiple vehicles, you will add an additional expense item for each vehicle.
  • Instructional Text: When you add a Fleet Expense item, the rates for the vehicles are listed, as well as questions required to request a vehicle. You will not need to go to the Fleet website to request your vehicle.  Once the Spend Authorization is approved, the vehicle request(s) will route to Fleet Services.  You will receive an email from Fleet Services confirming your request and rental. If you have errors on your request, you will not receive a confirmation until the errors are corrected. 
  • Fuel Expense: Estimate the amount of fuel used for the semester.  Choose I:Travel-Student Fuel
  • Add any other expenses by clicking on the + sign.
  • Check your Cost Center.
  • Class Fee: If there is a class fee, you can add this in the Additional Worktags. 
    • Click on the three bars to the right of the Additional Worktag box.
    • Choose Class Fee
    • Search for the required class and select.
  • Submit and fill out the questionnaire. The request will not route for approval, until the questionnaire is completed.  All questions must be answered on the questionnaire or you will receive an Error. 
  • Attach a class list with I-Numbers for your Participant List
  • You will receive a notification when approved (The bell to the left of the Workday Inbox is where you will receive notifications.)
  • Locate your Trip Number by checking your Workday notifications. You will see an I:SA12345 number referenced to the approved Spend Authorization.  The five numbers are your Trip Number.  You can also locate approved Spend Authorizations by going to the Expenses Worklet and choosing View Spend Authorizations in the righthand column.