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Closing or Canceling a Spend Authorization

  1. Log Into Workday
  2. Choose the Expenses application
    Under the View Column, select Spend Authorizations. Click on the magnifying glass on the far left to open the Spend authorization you need to cancel or close.
  3. Select Actions button
    The Actions button is found in the blue bar at the top of the Spend Authorization next to the I:SA number.
    Hover over the Spend Authorization arrow and choose cancel or close.  (If your spend authorization is approved – you will only be able to close.  If the Spend Authorization is still in process, you can cancel.  NOTE: You will not be able to delete a Spend Authorization. 
  4. Click "OK"
    Clicking “OK” will cancel or close the Spend Authorization.
  5. Finished
    Once you have canceled the Spend Authorization you are finished and will not need to do anything else unless you have already incurred expenses for this trip.  If that is the case, you will need to complete an Expense Report.