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Announcements, policies, and information about travel arrangements, spend authorizations, and expense reports.

The University is returning to its pre-COVID travel request approval process as outlined in our Travel Policy and Procedures. The Travel Risk Committee will continue to monitor international travel closely, and all international travel will require the approval of a Vice President. Travelers should understand that COVID-19 restrictions for entry are in place for a majority of countries. This includes limits on the ability of travelers to enter certain countries, vaccine and testing requirements, as well as the possibility of quarantine. Travelers should make themselves aware of all entry requirements before they travel. These requirements can be found on the U.S. Department of State's website.

In our current environment, all travelers should be prepared for changes to travel plans, including cancellation of planned trips. Changes to travel plans or cancellation may have negative financial consequences for university departments and personally for individual travelers.

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New Online Booking Tool

Beginning May 3, 2023: You will need a Star Card, U.S. Passport, or Military ID to board a flight.
The purpose of policies and procedures is to provide employees with specific guidelines for University-sponsored travel.
Use Workday to create a Spend Authorization. An approved Spend Authorization is required prior to incurring expenses.
I-Travel is an online booking tool where employees can book hotels, rental cars, and airfare.
University Travel expenses are reconciled by creating an Expense Report and linking it to the approved Spend Authorization and Trip Number.