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Announcements, policies, and helpful information regarding Spend Authorizations, Travel Arrangements, and Expense Reports.
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has pushed back the deadline for the implementation of Real ID to 2025. This means that Americans traveling on domestic flights without a passport will need to have a REAL ID by May 7, 2025. Please be aware that if you are traveling with students, they will also need to have a REAL ID, Passport, or Military ID for domestic travel after this date.
The purpose of policies and procedures is to provide employees with specific guidelines for University-sponsored travel.
Use Workday to create a Spend Authorization. An approved Spend Authorization is required prior to incurring expenses.
I-Travel is an online booking tool where employees can book hotels, rental cars, and airfare.
University Travel expenses are reconciled by creating an Expense Report and linking it to the approved Spend Authorization and Trip Number.