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Guest Travel Spend Authorization

Step-by-step instructions to complete a guest travel spend authorization through Workday.

  1. Log into Workday
    Click on the Expenses Application
  2. Choose Create Spend Authorization
  3. Enter dates of the guest's travel
  4. Provide a description
    Choose a description that will help you differentiate between Spend Authorizations.  (For exp., Center Stage-Name of Guest)
  5. Click on the three bars in the Business Purpose box
    The first items begin with an H: and are BYU-Hawaii business purposes.  Scroll until you find I: which are the BYU-Idaho Business purposes.  (U: is Ensign College) Choose I:Guest Travel.
  6. Enter expenses by clicking on the + add icon
    You only need to add one expense item for Guest Travel.  This can be done by clicking in the Expense Item box and searching “guest” and hit enter.  This will bring up I:Travel – Guest.  The Quantity will stay at (1) and the Total Amount is the total amount estimated for the guest’s entire trip.  You do not need to break out lodging, airfare, etc.
  7. Check your cost center
    The Cost Center you are paid out of will automatically populate into your Spend Authorization.  If you need to change the Cost Center – X out of the Cost Center in the box, then search a name of the Cost Center you are looking for.
    You should NOT need to adjust the Additional Worktags.
    Note: If one of your Additional Worktags are missing and giving you an Error, you will need to take the Cost Center out, and then enter it back in to restore the original Additional Worktag setting.
  8. Submit
    When you have finished entering expense items, click Submit.
  9. Complete questionnaire
    You will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire providing specific details of the trip.  The Spend Authorization will not route for approval until the questionnaire has been completed and submitted.  If you exit the page without completing your questionnaire, you can find the questionnaire in your Workday Inbox.
  10. Approval
    Once you have submitted, you will see who is UP NEXT in the approval process.
  11. Notification
    You will receive a notification when the SA is approved. (The bell to the left of the Workday Inbox is where you will receive notifications.) Once approved, you may contact the Travel Office for booking assistance. (496-2340)
  12. Locate the trip number
    by checking the notification. You will see an I:SA12345 number referenced to the approved Spend Authorization.  The five numbers are your Trip Number.  You can also locate approved Spend Authorizations by going to the Expenses Worklet and choosing View Spend Authorizations in the righthand column.