Community Frequently Asked Questions

Are BYU-Idaho facilities open for use by the community?

The primary use of BYU-Idaho facilities is the education and experience of our own students. However, if there are unique circumstances (see Community Use Policy) where community needs can be met on campus, then yes. A Non-University Organization Scheduling Request form may be submitted for review up to 90 days in advance.

Can rooms be reserved for catered meals?

Yes, if available, rooms can be requested. All catering on campus is provided by University Catering. No outside caters (with the exception of wedding cakes) are permitted on the BYU-Idaho Campus.

Is there a charge for community use of university space?

Yes. However, if the room is used in association with a meal catered through University Catering, the room rental is waived if the total food purchase is twice the rental rate (a minimum food order of $100 is required). Ask the Scheduling Office for specific pricing.

When should I schedule?

The maximum time for community request submissions is 90 days prior to the event. The minimum time is two business days in advance. All scheduling is subject to change if university needs should arise.

What space is available for weddings?

No wedding ceremonies may be performed on the BYU-Idaho campus. Wedding receptions may be held in two locations: Special Events Room in the Manwaring Center and the Garden Gazebo in the Thomas E. Ricks Gardens (no weather back up locations are available on campus). Wedding brunches or dinners may be scheduled in the Manwaring Center similar to other community catered meals. Like all community use, requests may be submitted up to 90 days in advance.

How do I schedule a room?

Scheduling can be requested by visiting the Scheduling Office, e-mailing, phoning (208) 496-3120. All community requests must include a completed Non-University Organization Scheduling Request form.

How do I schedule additional support (custodial, audio/visual support, catering)?

BYU-Idaho has centralized scheduling. The availability of the resource is just as critical to scheduling as finding open space. You should submit your request for custodial setups, audio/visual support, catering, etc. at the same time as you request your room. Support limitations may be applied.

What if I need to change my plans?

We live in a world of change. You will be assigned an event coordinator who will counsel with you through your event planning. Changes can be made if there are available resources (manpower and space). No changes can be made within two business days of your event to enable support staffs to appropriately plan their own workload. Thinking critically while planning your event will help mitigate late changes.