In addition to the general guidelines, the following policies apply to community use:

BYU-Idaho, through the Strategic Management Council, will consider community requests to schedule university facilities when the following apply: 

  1. The requested facility is unique and not available in the community.
  2. Requested use does not displace planned student activities or interfere with institutional needs.
  3. Requester pays appropriate costs. As a private institution sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, BYU-Idaho will not subsidize commercial, private enterprises, and other external entities' use of university facilities.
  4. Wedding ceremonies may not be performed on campus. Wedding receptions, however, can be scheduled in the Manwaring Center Special Events Room and in the gazebo of the Thomas E. Ricks Garden. 
  5. Governmental agencies can be permitted to use university facilities for informational meetings and hearings following approval from Strategic Management Council.
  6. Community organizations or employers requesting space to recruit students must work through an official office of the university, e.g., employers would work through the Internship and Career Services office.
 If all of the above apply to your desired community use and if you agree to the general guidelines, you may submit a request for a reservation up to 90 days prior to the date being requested. Please complete the Community Scheduling Request form and submit it to the Event Management Scheduling Office.