The  event listing on I-Belong is a great place to post events as part of your marketing plan. Events dynamically feed from the EMS scheduling database overseen by the Scheduling Office. This BYU-Idaho event list is for university-sponsored events only.

  1. Plan: Think through what you need for your event (see Event Planning). Depending on your target audience, you may need additional approvals as noted on the  Student Event Request form. If your event involves a speaker, you must also adhere to the unversity  speaker clearance policies.
  2. Schedule: Establish the type of event your are hosting and book your date, time, and place. 
  3. Calendar: Add interest to your event by providing a description and image. See instructions on branding. NOTE: Officers of groups (i.e. academic societies) listed in I-Belong can add the description and image to their own events. Below are some tutorials to help group officers through the process:
    1. Create/schedule your event:

    2. Prepare your event marketing image (think landscape layout; the final size will be 760 pixels wide x 380 pixels high): 


    3. Add publicity description and image within I-Belong:

For more information about scheduling events or publishing to the calendar event listing on I-Belong, contact the Scheduling Office.

Scheduling Office
376 Manwaring Center