Employee Frequently Asked Questions

As an employee of BYU-Idaho, what rooms are available to schedule?

One of the easiest ways to find available rooms is to use the "Browse Locations" option on Virtual EMS. Use the filters to narrow your search. Information provided includes pictures of the room and feature details;  click on the name of the room to view a floor plan showing location.

When should I schedule?

How soon you should submit your requests depend on the complexity and whether you only need a room or if you need additional support or spaces. The minimum lead time is two business days in advance for a room with no additional setup; more complex event planning needs to begin as soon as academic scheduling for the semester is published (see chart).

How do I schedule a room?

Scheduling can be requested by visiting the Scheduling Office, e-mailing scheduling@byui.edu, phoning (208) 496-3120, or by activating your account to submit your requests online through Virtual EMS (Event Management System).

Where can I learn more about how to use Virtual EMS?

Instructions are found on individual web pages or you may find the EMS Guidelines for Users  or helpful tip video training. Our staff is available to answer your questions as well.

How do I schedule additional support (custodial, audio/visual support, catering, dance music and DJ)?

BYU-Idaho has centralized scheduling. The availability of the needed resources is just as critical to scheduling as finding open space. You should submit your request for custodial setups, audio/visual support, catering, etc. at the same time as you request your room. All campus dances must be coordinated through Social Activities. (If catering is involved, you will work directly with University Catering for selections.)

What if our department wants to host a campus-wide event for all students?

Events targeting a campus-wide audience are the stewardship of the Activities program. Please coordinate your plans with them prior to scheduling.

Can students schedule space for my class?

The Scheduling Office needs verification that the student is acting on your behalf. An e-mail or phone call will suffice. When the reservation is made, both you and the student will be listed as contacts and receive a confirmation of the scheduled space and resources.

Can we host or sponsor a local, state, or national convention or workshop at BYU-Idaho?

Consideration for sponsoring non-university organizations requires additional review. Please fill out the Non-University Organization Scheduling Request Form to initiate the process.

What events can be posted to the online BYU-Idaho Calendar?

The BYU-Idaho Calendar is a direct feed from the scheduling database. It is limited to events directly hosted or associated with BYU-Idaho and the Church Educational System. Specific event types are used to filter a view of the calendar for a designated audience (e.g. students, employees, alumni, community). If your event is approved to be on the calendar, please submit a description and image to the Scheduling Office.

What if I need to change my plans?

We live in a world of change. Once your reservation has been confirmed, you will be assigned an event coordinator who will counsel with you through your event planning. Changes can be made if there are available resources (manpower and space). No changes can be made within two business days of your event to enable support staffs to appropriately plan their workload. Thinking critically while planning your event will help mitigate late changes.

May I schedule space for personal use?

All space requested for personal use (not directly associated with your employment) is considered community use. Please refer to the Community section of our website for more information.