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Schedule Student Meeting and Study Rooms

Students can schedule a room for independent academic study or group sessions.

Schedule a Study or Practice Room

Scehduling Office - September 2019

BYU-Idaho students should consider which “hat” they are wearing when they schedule a room as part of on-campus employment, ward callings, or academic studies. The Scheduling Office is ready to help students with the process.

Students can request rooms for their own independent academic study or small group sessions up to two business days in advance. Study rooms are available in the Manwaring Center, McKay Library, and the Science and Technology Center. Rooms can only be scheduled for up to three hours. Due to high demand, no back-to-back scheduling by the same student is permitted.

If your event needs a Zoom or URL link, please contact the Scheduling Office for help at 208-496-3120.

Schedule a Study Room

Scheduling Instructions

A three-minute instructional video about how to schedule a student study room on the BYU-Idaho campus. You can also view step-by-step instructions for online scheduling (Virtual EMS).

Scheduling Instructions

Student Scheduling Resources

Find rooms you can schedule on campus, food guidelines, and scheduling answers.
Step-by-step instructions on how to schedule a campus room online.