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Ward and Stake Scheduling FAQs

Find answers about scheduling and planning ward and stake events at BYU-Idaho.

Ward and Stake Frequently Asked Questions

The facilities are available to the Rexburg YSA and Married Student wards and stakes that serve the students of BYU-Idaho. For other wards and stakes from the community, it is most feasible for BYU-Idaho to assist when it is a multi-stake event coordinated through the Area Seventy.
The Sunday block meeting schedule is coordinated by the stake executive secretaries. Each stake submits a compiled listing of meeting times to the Scheduling Office to reserve space.
Use the Ward Event Checklist to help identify your objectives and needs for your ward activity.
One of the easiest ways to find open rooms is to use the "Browse for Space" option on Virtual EMS. Use the filters for the view of rooms with a capacity of over 100 to narrow your search. Information includes pictures of the room, feature details, and a floor plan showing location (click on the name of the room). If a room needs additional tables and chairs, request these at the same time the room is scheduled; this will help identify your actual event time and the total time reserved including setup and teardown. Keep in mind that ward members are responsible for the setup and take down tables and chairs requested for their activities.
How soon to submit your requests depends on the event's complexity and whether you only need a room or if you need additional support and larger or more spaces. The minimum lead time is two business days in advance for a room without any additional things set up; more complex event planning such as ward activities needs to begin as soon as academic scheduling for the semester is published (see chart). Typically most wards submit their requests for space for activities one semester in advance.
The beginning and end dates are listed in red letters on the BYU-Idaho Calendar.
Scheduling for wards can be requested by visiting the Scheduling Office, emailing, or phoning (208) 496-3120. Establish one contact person to handle arrangements throughout your event date; be prepared to give information on the Ward Event Checklist.
BYU-Idaho has centralized scheduling. The availability of the needed resources is just as critical to scheduling as finding open space. You should submit your request for custodial setups, audio/visual support, catering, dance music and DJ, etc. at the same time as you request your room. All campus dances must be coordinated through Social Activities. (If catering is involved, you will work directly with the Catering Office for selections.)
Yes, in most cases. There is no food permitted in rooms that have fixed seating (e.g. lecture halls and chapels). When serving food, please remember to cleanup after your event.
You will be assigned an event coordinator who will counsel you through your event planning. Changes can be made if there are available resources (manpower and space). No changes can be made within two business days of your event to enable support staff to appropriately plan their workload. Thinking critically while planning your event will help mitigate late changes.

Ward & Stake Scheduling Resources

Get started with scheduling ward and stake events at BYU-Idaho.
Schedule space with ease with simple online tools.
Scheduled ward activities are based around the academic schedule.
Download an event planning checklist for your next event.