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Student Scheduling FAQs

Information about what rooms you can schedule, how to schedule a room, food guidelines, and more.

Student Frequently Asked Questions

Study/practice and meeting rooms in the Manwaring Center, McKay Library, and the Science and Technology Center are open for students to schedule during normal building hours. A room may be reserved for a block of time up to three hours. Because of the number of students who need space, no back-to-back scheduling will be accepted. (If you have on-campus employment or a church position that requires scheduling, please refer to the other sections of this website.)
Scheduling reserves the space for your personal or group's academic use. Scheduling will mitigate your own disappointments. As the campus becomes busier, rooms are not always available. Scheduling helps the University track utilization and recognize trends and needs of an ever-changing campus. 
Scheduling can be requested by phoning (208) 496-3120, by visiting the Scheduling Office in 376 Manwaring Center, or by using your Virtual EMS account at to submit your requests online. As a student, you may submit requests up to two business days in advance.
Yes, in most cases. There is a restriction on fixed seating rooms (e.g. chapels and lecture halls) where no food is allowed. There is a university policy that catering is exclusively handled through University Catering and that prohibits outside caterers from coming onto campus. Otherwise, you are permitted to bring snacks or food for your personal consumption, but please remember to clean up after yourself.  
If you need to create an event to fulfill your class requirements, please follow the counsel of your instructor carefully. Thinking through what you need for your event before contacting the Scheduling Office (see Event Planning). Depending on your target audience, you may need additional approvals as noted on the Student Event Request form. If your event involves a speaker, you must also adhere to the university speaker clearance policies.

Student Scheduling Resources

Watch a video about how to schedule a study or practice room.
Step-by-step instructions how to schedule a campus room online.