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University Branding

BYU-Idaho maintains a consistent brand that generates institutional confidence and identity at the university.

Visual Identity

BYU-Idaho uses specific colors, fonts, media, and logo designs and placement to maintain its brand.
Official BYU-Idaho logo, department logos, logo usage, colors, and placement.
Approved fonts and typefaces used by BYU-Idaho for its publications, media, merchandise, and website.
BYU-Idaho uses a light ultramarine blue for its primary logo, combined with black, white, and gray. The university uses accent colors sparingly.
BYU-Idaho seeks to legally promote uplifting messages with appropriate photos, illustrations, videos, and media.

Branding Guidelines

Guidelines about how to use campus and department logos, fonts, and colors for merchandise, IBC groups, and non-university relations.
Branding guidelines and exceptions for department logos, student groups or societies, graphic designs, and artwork.
Appropriate use of approved BYU-Idaho fonts for on-campus, off-campus, and mixed-audience publications.
Follow these guidelines for proper color, placement, and use of the BYU-Idaho logo.
Branding and advertising guidelines for student Integrated Business Core (IBC) groups.
Branding and advertising guidelines and exceptions for non-university organizations seeking to advertise on the BYU-Idaho campus.

Quick Links

Download your department logo or office templates, access Design Conductor for new designs, review branding policies and other resources for BYU-Idaho employees.