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Compliance Areas

The Office of Compliance oversees compliance concerns in many areas for the University.

Areas of Compliance at BYU-Idaho

BYU-Idaho is involved in many areas governed by local, state, federal, and foreign laws. The Office of Compliance makes sure all compliance measures are met.
Requirements in admissions, course offerings, internships, and outcome reporting.
Disability laws and accessibility in education, employment, housing, and web-based services.
Standards set by accreditation agencies for recognition of the university and its programs.
Crime prevention, emergency procedures, and fire safety.
FCC regulations and telephone and electronic communications laws.
Drug and alcohol abuse policy and prevention.
Affirmative action, equal opportunity, and nondiscrimination laws.
Environmental, health, and safety regulations.
Fiscal management, auditing standards, and regulatory accounting and reporting.
Management and governance practices, ethical rules, and whistle-blower protections.
Hiring and employment practices, fair labor standards, and benefit and wage laws.
Requirements for acquisition, retention, and destruction of records and information.
Information security requirements and protection of personally identifiable information.
Copyright, trademark, and technology licensing.
Immigration, international, travel, export controls, and foreign operations.
Land use and planning, building and zoning, housing laws.
Conditions and requirements for institutional and government-funded research.
Title IX and laws governing sexual harassment and sexual assault.
Requirements tied to participation in federal student aid programs.
Federal and state tax regulations.
State licensure requirements for online learning.