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Teacher Education Programs Licensure

Teaching Education Programs License meets all required certificates in every state.
Teacher education class taught by Larry Duque

BYU-Idaho’s programs in teacher education programs are designed to meet professional licensure standards and make students eligible for recommendation for teaching certification in the state of Idaho. These programs are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Most states allow for reciprocity through the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement. This agreement allows individuals to work in the new state while meeting any additional state-specific requirements. It is important to understand that reciprocity is always easier if a student completed the certification requirements and obtains a teaching credential in Idaho before applying for certification in another state.

For more information on how to become licensed in a state other than Idaho, visit NASDTEC webpage Information for Out of State Applicants and the individual state department of education websites.

Teacher Preparation

NOTE: All "Meets" will fall in category of "Meets with Possible Additional State Specific Requirements"

U.S. States & Territories Status for Licensure (Meets, Does Not Meet, Undetermined) State Agency Link Telephone Number Date Reviewed
Alabama (AL) Meets Alabama State Department of Education: Out-of-State Certification (334) 694-4900 Mar-24
Alaska (AK) Meets Alaska Department of Education & Early Development: Applications, Checklists, Forms (907) 465-2831 Mar-24
Arizona (AZ) Meets Arizona Department of Education Certification (602) 542-5709 Mar-24
Arkansas (AR) Meets Arkansas Department of Education Educator Licensure (501) 682-4342 Mar-24
California (CA) Meets California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (916)-319-0800 Mar-24
Colorado (CO) Meets Colorado Department of Education Licensing Office (303) 866-6600 Mar-24
Connecticut (CT) Meets Connecticut State Department of Education Bureau of Certification (860) 713-6969 Mar-24
Delaware (DE) Meets Delaware Department of Education Licensure & Certification (302) 857-3388 Mar-24
District of Columbia (DC) Meets DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education Educator Credentialing & Licensure (202) 442-5885 Mar-24
Florida (FL) Meets Florida Department of Education Educator Certification (850) 245-0505 Mar-24
Georgia (GA) Meets Georgia Professional Standards Commission Educator Certification Division (404) 232-2500 Mar-24
Hawaii (HI) Meets Hawaii Teachers Standards Board License and Permit Information (808) 586-2600 Mar-24
Idaho (ID) Meets Idaho Department of Education Certification (208) 332-6800 Mar-24
Illinois (IL) Meets Illinois State Bureau of Education Educator Licensure (217) 557-4723 Mar-24
Indiana (IN) Meets Indiana Department of Education Office of Educator Licensing (317) 232-9010 Mar-24
Iowa (IA) Meets Iowa Board of Educational Examiners Licensure (515) 281-5294 Mar-24
Kansas (KS) Meets Kansas State Department of Education Teacher Licensure and Accreditation (785) 296-2288 Mar-24
Kentucky (KY) Meets Kentucky Department of Education Certification (502) 564-5789 Mar-24
Louisiana (LA) Meets Louisiana Department of Education Certification (877) 453-2721 Mar-24
Maine (ME) Meets Maine Department of Education Certification & Credentialing (207) 624-6603 Mar-24
Maryland (MD) Meets Maryland State Department of Education Certification (410) 767-0100 Mar-24
Massachusetts (MA) Meets Massachusetts Department of Education Licensure (781) 338-3102 Mar-24
Michigan (MI) Meets Michigan Department of Education Teacher Certification (833)633-5788 Mar-24
Minnesota (MN) Meets Minnesota Department of Education Licensing (651) 582-8200 Mar-24
Mississippi (MS) Meets Mississippi Department of Education Licensure (601) 359-3483 Mar-24
Missouri (MO) Meets Missouri department of Education Certification (573) 751-4212 Mar-24
Montana (MT) Meets Montana Educator Licensing (406) 444-3150 Mar-24
Nebraska (NE) Meets Nebraska Department of Education Certification (402) 471-2295 Mar-24
Nevada (NV) Meets Nevada Department of Education Licensure (775) 687-9115 or (702) 486-6458 Mar-24
New Hampshire (NH) Meets New Hampshire Department of education Bureau of Credentialing (603) 271-3494 Mar-24
New Jersey (NJ) Meets New Jersey Department of Education Certification (609) 376-3500 Mar-24
New Mexico (NM) Undetermined New Mexico Public Education Department (505) 827-5821 Mar-24
New York (NY) Meets New York State Education Department Teacher Certification (518) 474-3901 Mar-24
North Carolina (NC) Meets North Carolina Department of Public instruction Educator's Licensure (984) 236-2100 Mar-24
North Dakota (ND) Meets North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board Licensure (701) 328-9641 Mar-24
Ohio (OH) Meets Ohio Department of Education Educator Licenses (877) 644-6338 Mar-24
Oklahoma (OK) Meets Oklahoma Department of Education Teacher Licensure (405) 521-3301 Mar-24
Oregon (OR) Meets Oregon Teacher Standards & Practices Commission Licensure (503) 378-3586 Mar-24
Pennsylvania (PA) Meets* Special Ed only PK-12 Certificate Pennsylvania Department of Education Certification (717) 783-6788 Mar-24
Rhode Island (RI) Meets Rhode Island Department of Education Certification (401) 222-4600 Mar-24
South Carolina (SC) Meets South Carolina Department of Education Certification (803) 734-8500 Mar-24
South Dakota (SD) Meets South Dakota Department of Education Certification (605) 773-3134 Mar-24
Tennessee (TN) Meets Tennessee Department of Education Educator Licensure Preparation (615) 741-2966 Mar-24
Texas (TX) Meets Texas Education Agency Certification (512) 463-9734 Mar-24
Utah (UT) Meets* NOTE: Under new state certification officer direction, those with an idaho certification in Early Childhood, Special Educaiton only qualify to be certified grades -3 general ed and do no qualify for special ed without additional coursework. As of Aug. 2021, all those certified from a different state who do not have 1 year of full-time teaching experience must complete the PPAT exam/portfolio Utah State Board of Education Licensing (801) 538-7740 Mar-24
Vermont (VT) Meets Vermont Agency of Education Educator Licensure (802) 828-1130 Mar-24
Virginia (VA) Meets Virginia Department of Education Licensure (804) 371-2522 Mar-24
Washington WA) Meets Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Certification (360) 725-6275 Mar-24
West Virginia (WV) Meets West Virginia Department of Education Certification Info (304) 558-7010 Mar-24
Wisconsin (WI) Meets Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Educator Preparation and Licensing (608) 266-3390 Mar-24
Wyoming (WY) Meets Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board Licensure (307) 777-7291 Mar-24
Puerto Rico (PR) Undetermined Puerto Rico Educator Preparation and Licensure (787) 759-2000 Mar-24
Virgin Islands (VI) Meets The Virgin Islands Department of Education Certification Requirements (340) 774-0100 Mar-24
American Samoa (AS) Undetermined American Samoa Education Regulations 684-633-1222 Mar-24
Guam (GU) Meets Guam - Professional Program Standards and Requirements: Educator Preparation Policy Mar-24
Marshall Islands (MH) Undetermined Marshall Islands Teacher Certification 692-625-7710 Mar-24
Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Undetermined Federated States of Micronesia Teacher Certification 691-320-2872 Mar-24
Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Undetermined CNMI Teacher Certification 670-233-2263 Mar-24
Palau (PW) Undetermined Palau Bureau of Education 680-488-2552 Mar-24
*Utah Note
Under new state certification officer direction, those with an Idaho certification in Early Childhood, Special Education only qualify t to be certified grades -3 general ed and do not qualify for special ed without additional coursework. As of Aug. 2021, all those certified from a different state who do not have 1 year of full-time teaching experience must complete the PPAT exam/portfolio