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Environmental Health and Safety
BYU-Idaho values the safety of all students, staff, and visitors. Learn about resources that aid campus safety.
Utility Vehicle Training (Gator, Gravely, etc.)
Utility Vehicle Training (Gator, Gravely, etc.) is held the third week of every month. When your Department is in need of setting up a class time please contact the Safety Office at 208-496-3002.


Driving, winter safety, and sharing the road with pedestrians and bicyclists.
Find out about available on-campus parking and where to park during a semester break.
Learn how to prepare and respond to an emergency or pandemic.
Fire safety training, prevention plans, kitchen fires, and common ignition sources.
Learn about lab safety, hazardous materials, and available chemical safety reports.
Mitigation, life saving improvement projects and construction renovations.
Safety tips for outdoor recreation in local streams and rivers.
Campus programs to safely contain and clean hazardous materials.
Tips to keep yourself safe on campus and public safety services.
Safety training for campus staff and the Student Safety Council.
On-campus safety policies.
A sunset reflects glass on the Manwaring Center at BYU-Idaho.
Contact your building coordinator for emergencies.