Tutoring an Outline  

What is the PPC?

The BYU-Idaho Presentations Practice Center is designed to help students and faculty develop, practice, and polish their presentations for any project, in any discipline-from class presentations to rehearsals for a performance.

Why should you come?

Preparation is the key to success with any speech or presentation. The Presentation Practice Center can help students and faculty with brainstorming ideas, outlining a presentation, slide design, and, of course, practice! Practice helps build confidence and polish your speech before the actual presenting day! Our center has many trained tutors that excel in presenting who want to help you achieve your best! The center offers a very calm atmosphere where you can feel at ease to express your ideas and practice your presentation. 
The results of practice and of taking advantage of free, qualified tutoring can allow students and faculty to produce stunning and strong presentations.

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Where can you find us?

The Presentation Practice Center is found in Smith 368 in Spencer Haacke's office. 
We also do online tutoring appointments, so you don't always have to come to the center.

How does it work? On Campus Appointments

To sign up for an appointment, follow the instructions on the right. After you have signed up for a thirty minute appointment, you will meet your tutor in Smith 368 at the designated time. The tutor will log you into the system. After being logged in, you will go to a reserved classroom in the Smith to have your one-on-one appointment with the tutor.

Online Appointments

There are two options you can do for an online appointment.  

1.  You can follow the same instructions for signing up for an appointment. You will then be sent an e-mail with a link to a virtual room that you will visit with the tutor face to face.  

2. The student can email a link to a video (posted on vimeo or youtube) to presentationpractice@byui.edu. A tutor will watch the video and email their feedback back to the student.  

Online Tutoring is becoming a very popular feature for the online classes and we look forward to working with you.  


To schedule an appointment, view the instructions below.

Contact: 496-3719


Please be patient as it may take a few minutes to load up.  

Must sign up for an appointment by MIDNIGHT the night before!

Mission Statement: 

"Whether you are presenting a project or presenting yourself, the Presentation Practice Center will help you find the confidence and passion to be successful."