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"The seeds we are planting today will grow and become mighty oaks, and their branches will run all over the earth." (Jacob Spori)

"This school will yet grow and surprise the world with its great men and women, because it was conceived in righteousness and dedicated to the service of God." (Douglas M. Todd)

"[BYU-Idaho] was founded upon the firm belief there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people." (John L. Clarke)

"This is a special [university] - there's not another one like it. The people you meet and the spirit you feel here will be one of your greatest treasures." (Steven D. Bennion)

"Having begun my service as president of [BYU-Idaho] in July 1997, I quickly recognized the uniqueness of this great institution. I have a strong desire to preserve and enhance the 'spirit of Ricks.' " (David A. Bednar)

"This is a school full of people united in their commitment to the Lord, striving to do His will, humble and teachable, willing to consecrate of their time and their talents in His work." (Kim B. Clark)