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Foundational Addresses

Foundational Addresses

Beginning with President Gordon B. Hinckley's announcement of BYU-Idaho in June 2000, there have been several addresses delivered by university presidents and apostles which provide insight into how BYU-Idaho "will have a unique role in and be distinctive from the institutions of higher education within the Church Educational System."

Reviewing these inspired remarks will provide a deeper understanding of the vision that guides the daily work of the university.

Foundational Addresses
BYU-Idaho will continue to be teaching oriented. Effective teaching and advising will be the primary responsibilities of its faculty, who are committed to academic excellence.
As we prepare for and move into the next century, we at Ricks College are embarking upon a voyage that will be filled with high adventure. Sweeping changes are occurring around and along our “charted course."
Foundational Addresses
As President Bednar has said, I have come under assignment from the First Presidency to talk about the future of this institution. But I know enough about it to know that I need to talk first to the students because the Lord cares about you...
Foundational Addresses
In this special and sacred and set apart place, you and I have access to unparalleled spiritual resources that can assist us in developing and deepening our devotion as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Beginning as a frontier academy in 1888 and continuing under inspired leaders for over 100 years, Ricks College established a legacy of faith, and sacrifice, and righteousness.
Foundational Addresses
I use the word miracle in describing the location of this university next to a temple on one hill because I know that only God could have done it.
Looking back, may we remember the pioneer’s heart that enabled the BYU-Idaho educational gathering to commence. Looking forward, may we recognize the purpose for our gathering as we work together to build disciple leaders.
your charge is to find ways to infuse the Spirit of God into the experiences of all who learn and serve in this university. That Spirit will be a key to their success in the strenuous effort they must make to learn and so rise to their potential.
BYU-Idaho graduates, like their Ricks College forebears, are recognized and valued for their humility and eagerness to serve others, especially the downtrodden.
I [have come] to believe that the Lord knew what this school would someday become. He knew there was a spirit in that little college, and He wanted that spirit to be preserved as He lifted it to become a great university. In those days, the students and faculty spoke often of the "Spirit of Ricks."
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