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BYU-Idaho Learning Model

The Learning Model is designed to help students become more involved in their learning through preparation, teaching others, and applying what they have learned.

3 Key Steps of the Learning Model

Students are invited to come to each class prepared to learn by studying assigned readings, completing required homework, and participating in online discussions and pre-class study groups. Through instructor-led activities in class, you will teach other students what you've learned—honing and refining your own understanding in the process. Later, you'll internalize your learning through review, reflection, and application.

Prepare academically and spiritually for each class.
One of the most powerful ways to learn is to teach.
Internalize learning through reflection and application.

Benefits of the Learning Model

BYU-Idaho students share how they have discovered the real value of education by using the Learning Model in and outside the classroom.
Become an Active Part of Your Own Learning

The 5 Principles of Effective Teaching and Learning

Follow these five principles to improve your ability to teach and learn in your classes.
Make faith the foundation of your learning.
True learning and teaching are by the Holy Ghost.
The word of God is the standard for all truth.
Act in faith to participate in learning.
Follow Christ’s example to love, serve, and teach.