Human Resources

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Welcome to Human Resources
                                                        where we specialize in ...

       •  RECRUITMENT and HIRING (full-time, part-time, and temporary employment)
       •  EMPLOYEE RELATIONS (employee-employer concerns, employee productivity)
       •  STUDENT EMPLOYMENT (on-campus jobs for fully matriculated, degree-seeking students)
       •  EMPLOYEE BENEFITS (health insurance, disability, retirement, campus benefits) 
       •  TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT (training programs in supervision, human relations, etc.)
       •  COMPENSATION for Administrative and Staff Employees (job descriptions, pay rates)

BYU-Idaho Human Resources
226 Kimball Building
Rexburg, ID 83460-1670
phone: 208. 496.1700

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Title IX
The Dean of Students office is designated by BYU-Idaho as its Title IX Coordinator and has the responsibility to coordinate BYU-Idaho's efforts to comply with Title IX and its implementing regulations, including any investigation of complaints communicated to BYU-Idaho alleging either non-compliance with or actions prohibited by Title IX regulations.