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Employee Benefits

As an employee, what health benefits are available to me? Where can I go to learn more about my retirement options? Are there any benefits for dependents or spouses of employees? What types of education benefits are offered at BYU-Idaho?

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What are the guiding principles used to determine compensation? What is BYU-Idaho’s employee compensation philosophy?

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I just got hired, where should I go to fill out employee paperwork? I need to hire an employee, where do I start? I will be ending employment soon, who do I need to contact to start the exit process?

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Student Employment

Where can I find information about student employment on-campus and off-campus? I just got hired, where should I go to fill out student employee paperwork? I need to hire an student employee, where do I start? 

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Employee Relations

I am having trouble with an employee, who can I talk to that will help me improve the situation and relationship? I have questions about disciplining an employee, what resources are available to me that can help me with this difficult situation? I want to learn more about Family Medical Leave and Disability Insurance, who can I talk to?

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Training & Development

Are there any campus training courses for employees to improve their leadership skills? I want to learn how to be a more effective employee, are there any resources available to me? Where should I go to learn about how to deal with difficult conversations or people? Where can I go to develop my interpersonal skills?

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Forms and Checklists

Comprehensive view of forms used by employees regarding employment, compensation, employee relations, benefits, and training and development.

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